Overland Unlimited Warrior Survival School is for veterans, First Responders and their families. We deliver unique backroad expeditions that provide operational stress resiliency training, as well as wilderness survival skills.  

We Serve - Veterans, First Responders and their families.  Operation stress iis not restricted only to combat operations but may also occur as a result of combat like conditions.  These operations range from training, all phases of deployment, peacekeeping, humanitarian missions, stability and reconstruction, government support missions.

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The Core Need - Operational  stress awareness and resilience education. The effects of operations on the stress system can be mild, moderate, or very intense. They can start right away, or wait months or years before causing problems. They can range from something as mild as a bad temper, or a tendency to jump at loud noises, to PTSD or an overwhelming urge to numb out on alcohol or drugs.

                      - Source: Pamela Woll “Finding Balance”

Why an Outdoor Adventure -Health Day News—For military veterans, participation in group-based outdoor recreational activities correlates with benefits in psychological well-being, social functioning and life outlook, researchers found.

“This approach is especially intriguing since many veterans may find nature recreation programs more appealing than conventional clinical treatments,” Jason Duvall, PhD, and Rachel Kaplan, PhD.

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Available courses: 

Warrior Tour

Wild At Heat Boot Camp

Warrior Survival School

​Survival Rescue course