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Our basic lost or injured hiker survival school is adventurous, fun and can be challenging at times. The course is based on a real world 24 hour rescue scenario.

This is a two day two night mountain Jeep expedition ( doors - off ) we put safety first at all times, however we can not control mother nature, therefor the program is not without risk. All activities are "try by choice". 
Note:  We don't believe in bad weather, its just weather, so dress for success.  Alcohol and firearms are not permitted on this program. 

Please bring the following gear:
Base Layer:
+ Synthetic long winter underwear. No cotton. 
+ Thin sock liners 
+ Thick winter socks 
+ Warm watch cap or hat 
+ Ski mask 
+ Garden work gloves 
+ Glove liners 
+ Warm waterproof gloves 
Mid Layer:
+ A warm fleece, or two 

Outer Layer:
+ Warm outdoor style cargo pants (No Jeans or cotton) 
+ Winter windproof Jacket. 
Rain Gear:
+ Rain proof pants and jacket. Frog Togs are affordable at Walmart. 
+ Warm waterproof winter boots. 

+ Winter sleeping bag 
+ Foam Sleeping (not the inflatable style)
+ Tin Cup or small pot for boiling water 
+ Water Canteen - 32 Ounce Nalgen Style or Military Canteen Set 
+ Metal spoon
+ Meal Ready To Eat Provided
+ Snacks BYO
+ Bic Lighter , Flint and Steel
+ Folding locking pocket knife 
+ Fixed blade high carbon steel full tang knife with a 90 degree spine and at least a 5" blade 
+ Headlamp and spare battery 
+ Optional Tools: Trail saw, small hatchet
+Button Compass and small whistle,

Other gear: 
+ Personal Medications 
+ Personal hygiene kit 
+ Spare base layer 
+ Favorite snack 
+ Bible 

Make sure your gear is in dry bags or zip lock bags. The Gorges State Forest is a rare and spectacular Northern Rain Forest we see 91" of rain per year on average. Space is limited in the Jeeps so please stick closely to the check list. Instructors will ask you to leave unnecessary gear in your car. If you have any question please don't hesitate to give me a call.